Phantom Limb

New place, new course, new life, new phase

It took one conversation to cut to the chase

Time’s passed, life’s fast, we’ve changed

But something between us is the same

Look right through me, past the pretence

Strip down, layer by layer, all my defence

Under that new fuzzy beard, a knowing smile

The recognition gives me goosebumps, its been a while

Life’s like liquid, we’ve gone with the flow

Then I look past my shoulder and feel a glow

I push the rewind button and then hit pause

I’d choose us, anyday, with all our flaws

You open the floodgates to memories I’d locked

I hate feeling so confused, I’m shocked

One moment I’m a doctor, the next a schoolgirl

Lifted in your arms, laughing as we twirl

Its a fantasy, conjured up inside my head

Disappear, like a dream on waking up from bed

Phantom limb, in medical terms, is the name

It was real, but now all that exists, is the pain

That’s what reflecting on the past brings

You’re not going to pull at my heart’s strings

My love, my happiness, are under my control

I’m the master of my fate, I’m the captain of my soul

I feel good

ever had one of those days?

when it doesn’t have to go one of two ways?

when the music plays and poetry flows

when happiness replaces your woes?

when the wind plays with your hair?

in fleeting moments life seems fair

when the sun kisses your skin

and there’s nothing but joy within

when the stars align and brightly shine

and the mountain’s not too hard to climb?

when laughter escapes your lips

and all of you is just filled with bliss!


sunshine streaming in through the canopy of green leaves

bouncing off the stone walls making the dust glitter

the wind blowing through your hair, tickling my face

laughter like the gurgling of a stream, fingers intertwined

your lips brush against mine, starts off soft, slow, teasing

pushed against a wall, your body slammed next to mine

tension mounts, breath catches, passion rises, sparks fly

times up, back to reality, i open my eyes and try hard

to shake off the memories, so vivid, like it happened yesterday

its funny how a song can serve as a time machine

take you back years, places, people, love -that no longer exists

and all you have now are these flashbacks that

are bittersweet, make you smile and cry at the same time

so u pull back your shoulders and put on a smile, move on with life

and hope someday, you’d find half that happiness with someone


Where did I begin?

Heat, sweat, thunder, rain

Ain’t no cure for the pain

On autopilot in a monotonous routine

Washing the dirt wont make it clean

Partying all the way into the night

Walking by a lake beneath starlight

Clinics, dissection hall, scalpel blade

I’m trying to hold on but memories fade

Within my reach but I can’t seem to grasp

When’s the last time you couldn’t remember your past?

Treading in shallow water, drowning in quicksand

I’d give all I have to try and understand

I was promising, they said, before the Alzheimer’s

Now I guess they’re a bunch of liars

Competitors that held fear, now have pity in their eyes

I had skills my colleagues used to despise

Shovel in hand, my mind I’m trying to dig in

Hold on a second, where did I begin?

Lethal Beauty

Eat, sleep, hustle, repeat

Youtube, Fb, Insta, Tweet

White noise, Blank space

Large crowd, one face

Red lingerie, black lace

Booze and sex at his place

Hook-ups turned into a romance

He seemed to hold her in a trance

Single night, countless shots

Blurred bodies, got caught

The spark turned into a fire

An honest guy became a liar

Subtle clues, hickey bruise

A perfume she didn’t choose

The dirty texts confirmed her doubt

Stayed calm, when she wanted to shout

She was bitter, revenge was sweet

Exposed them on their next meet

As she pointed the barrel and fired

Let go of her fury, felt spent and tired

Took two lives and never felt more alive

Smiled to herself on her last drive

Call me, maybe?

Foggy breath, frosty glass
Sneak a kiss during class
Cold fingers, warm heart
This was just the start.

Heart racing, face calm
Tracing hearts on your palm
Facing together our fears

Hugs, Cuddles, Kisses, Sex,
Never thought there’d be a Next,
Truth, Secrets, Deceit, Lies
Tears flowing down my eyes

Strangers, Buddies, Besties, Lovers
Our relation changed like the seasons
Now its been winter for quite a while
Just a call, would be all to make me smile

Back to bed

Something about the way you talk

Or maybe how we used to walk

In step and synchronized

Look into each-others eyes

And now I’m supposed to believe

That it was just a passing phase

I’m here and you’ve cut to the chase

So, I convince myself its for the best

That you came and went like the rest

But sometimes without any warning

I wake up with a dream of you in the morning

And its unsettling and confusing

Because I’ve wrapped up the past and put it away

Sometimes, it feels like you’re here to stay

Then I stop and give myself a reality check

Shut that tiny voice inside my head

Glue the pieces together and go back to bed